April 1, 2011


*Apologizing for feeling sad.

I'm still alive in a cruel life.
In a meantime, I'm losing again.
Timbangan hidup yang adil dr tuhan. Aku terima.
Dgn kegembiraan yg diberi, pasti ada sebaliknya.
Belum sempat bernafas, aku terpaksa rs kehilangan lagi . Smoga ini yg terakhir. Sejujurnya, aku susah utk menjulang manusia. Tp mereka yg hilang adalah diantaranya. Kaburnya satu lg jasad dr golongan manusia yg sgt aku syg, itu adalah perit. Lebih perit dr menelan jamu mak dara.
Aku sedih. Sumpah sedih.
Atas alasan apa ini?

Let them go even its damn hard. Well yes, its hard to wipe away the fragrance of promises. Because they'll remain the same in my eyes. Thats how it supposed to be, how it will always be.
*Hey, would u please stop being sarcastic, for Fuck sake? - I wish i could. Hello future, Is there any hope hanging on?- Hopefully. Should i say, 'i promise i'll make it somehow?' - I don't know. Maybe its time to say, its fucking over now. Dearies, I ain't too tough. I sincerely don't need anything to rely on. Because u know what, i have None. Fuck! Even it hurts, I think i'm gonna be fucking alright.
. I wish i had a time-machine to turn back time just to hear the voices.
. And after all, i still kept some of their precious words.
. It means lots to me. It's even worth than a tons of fucking gold.
. (U know who u are) Of course, u not a stoner.


♥sophie♥ said...

whatever that had happen, only we know our true feeling,,only we can control the feeling..
yeah ! certain thing is easy to forget but some not ! but try to take it as positive as we could :')

~salam kenal

Darrr said...

thanks babe.
selamat menjadi kawan :)

Im KD mohamed said...

.....=) baru bace, salam perkenalan.. hahaha...

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