April 19, 2010


These few days,
I am missing the old me . badly

Sadly i can't turn back time
How i wish i can be tough enough
Unfortunately i cant
Counting this fucking HELL to be end is killing me
It kills me


Cik Puan Drunbella said...

be strong babe.
nanti p lepaih tension kat metalcamp.

darrr said...

metalcamp? :)
harap2 masih ada rasa nak have fun.
btw, thanks dude.

Cik Puan Drunbella said...

abot kering ada.
pasti fun.

ilyana irni said...

lex lex..knw it can't be to forget.
'you were in my shoes'

darrr said...

so its like "we're both in the same shoes"

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